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Let’s work flat! Based on this idea, we have our group.
Each person evaluates and recognizes each other from a flat perspective without prejudice.

I want to be a company that respects each other.
I frankly thought so.

The company changes every day, but I want this way of thinking to remain the same.
I think so.

From now on we will cross the border
We are waiting for an era of working with exciting people from all over the world.

In addition, work styles will be diversified,
and you will be involved with many people who have all kinds of values ​​such as side jobs, business consignment, and remote work.

Under such circumstances, in order to make a company where everyone can work lively,
it is important for everyone to abandon prejudice and work from a flat perspective.

Beyond that, I strongly hope that society as a whole will become a flat world.

Flat Holdings Inc.
Junichi Hoshino